The Feathered Friends Story

The Beginning

Feathered Friends was founded in 1972 by husband and wife team Peter and Carol Hickner. Drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, they settled in Seattle, Washington and came to treasure the easy access to backpacking, climbing, and skiing. In the midst of the Boeing Bust of the early 1970’s Peter and Carol put their design and sewing skills to use and created their own jobs, producing jackets, sleeping bags, and bedding items from the basement of their home.

A project that started from the desire to build the gear they needed to enjoy their active outdoor lifestyle soon turned into a full time job. Word spread quickly among friends and colleagues who lined up to place orders for the hand made down garments, bags, and comforters. Peter and Carol soon realized this venture needed a name, and while gathered around a fire with some good friends and cold beers Feathered Friends was born. While they had neither a business plan nor financing, they did have the determination and skill to create world class down products.

Over the last four decades Feathered Friends has become the standard in quality, long lasting, and high performing down gear for expeditions and adventures. Each of our products unites our legacy of handmade construction techniques with the advancements of modern fabric technologies. The result is gear that excels in all conditions, from a cozy chair in your home to the summit of Mount Everest.


Feathered Friends began with a dedication to excellence in the craft of down filled products, and we are proud to continue that tradition today with our construction and materials. We start with the highest quality materials available, refine our construction with time tested design and techniques, and fill our products with the best goose down we can source.

In 2015, we moved our production to a new facility in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. With this newer, larger production facility, we are expanding our ability to make the best possible down products right here in the great state of Washington

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Warmth Wherever You Are

Whether you’re climbing the highest peaks or drifting off to sleep in your bed after a long day of work or play, our mission is simple: to keep you warm wherever you are.

The Seattle Store

The one and only - the world HQ - the Feathered Friends flagship Seattle store. Our store features the complete lineup of Feathered Friends products for the outdoors and the home, as well as gear, footwear, and apparel from the leading brands in the outdoor world

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We are proud to support organizations and groups who champion ethics, stewardship, conservation, community, and life in the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Cascade Climbers |

We are very proud to be long-time supporters of the online community Cascade Climbers. The active community is the place to see trip reports of all types, climb and route beta, as well as other community events and gatherings.

Turns All Year |

A deep, maritime snowpack means we get to enjoy one of the longest ski / snowboard / splitboard seasons in the entire world. Turns All Year is a highly active community with a tremendous archive of trip reports from around the region.

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