• Roadtrip Reports: Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon National Park Watercolor Painting

    Part One: A Feathered Friends Tour of the Southwest

    Hoodoos. Ladies with hairdos. Fairy Chimneys. Whatever you call them, the incredible rock formations of Bryce Canyon are unlike anything else in the world. The towering spires, vibrant colors, and chromatic vistas were the first stop in a road trip to celebrate the National Park Centennial.

    Last month I went on a month-long road trip to explore the parks that are arguably one of “America’s best ideas” in relation to conservation and recreation. It was also the perfect opportunity to put some new Feathered Friends gear to the test in a cold and arid climate.

    The National Park Service was created in 1916 "to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations." Over the last 100 years, the National Park system has grown to include 58 parks across the United States, which receive tens of millions of visitors each year.

    Bryce first captured my imagination when I visited it as a kid; the colors, rocks, and hikes were about as different as you can get from the greens and greys of the Northwest. Returning as an adult, these same formations re-awakened my sense of childhood wonder and a new feeling of gratitude that Bryce is protected. In practical terms, this means that although the park sees millions more visitors and has more amenities than when I first visited, the natural features are exactly as I remember them.

    Hiker in Bryce Canyon

    A testament to the splendor of the park is that people visit it from around the world. Walking on the rim of Bryce at peak travel season (which starts right about now) immerses you in a melting pot of languages, cultures, and experiences. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the rim and paint. Often the painting sparks conversations and inspires interactions with people thousands of miles from home.

    This was also my first time visiting the southwest in spring, and I was surprised at how COLD (and windy) it was. Each night temperatures hovered right around or below freezing, and it even snowed the day we left Bryce.

    It turns out our founders and owners were at Bryce the same time I was, doing some product testing of their own. They hit the cold and snowy conditions as well, and I think we were all glad to have lightweight down jackets like the Eos and Hyperion stashed in our packs.

    Pro Tip for exploring Bryce: The canyon is structured in a tiered system. Layer one is the rim, which is the most crowded, and has expansive views down into the rock formations and to the mesas beyond. Layer two includes the shorter hiking loops that drop into the canyon, such as the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden. These trails still see a lot of people, but allow you to get up close and personal with Hoodoos of all shapes, sizes, colors, and heights. Layer three is the Under the Rim trail, which is primarily used by backpackers, and is the place to go to find solitude.

    Bryce Canyon Hiking

  • Patagonia Worn Wear Tour - April 15

    The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will roll on through Seattle - stopping at Feathered Friends April 15th! The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will roll on through Seattle - stopping at Feathered Friends April 15th!

    Patagonia Worn Wear Tour @ Feathered Friends | April 15

    It isn't uncommon for us to see a well-loved, and well-used, sleeping bag or jacket come through the Feathered Friends store looking for a little TLC. After all, there are a plenty of adventures to be had, so why let a small tear or a wash get in the way?

    That is why we are excited that the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will be paying a visit at Feathered Friends on April 15th! They will be here with their one-of-a-kind bio-diesel van, complete with all the tools to spruce up your gear. So bring your gear that could use a little fixing-up and get it done by the repair technicians from Patagonia, or get the best tips and do it yourself on the spot! Get the most mileage out of your gear, and do double-duty by lowering the impact on the globe. Those of you looking for a deal - Patagonia will have used items for sale as well!

    Be ready for Spring and Summer! Drop by on Wednesday, April 15th!

    Where: Feathered Friends
    What: Patagonia Worn Wear Tour
    When: Wednesday, April 15th
    Time: 12pm to 6pm
    Cost: FREE!
    Bonus: Food | Product Repair | Repair Tips | Used gear for sale

  • PCT Express with Heather Anish Anderson - June 12

    Join us June 12th, 2014 for a wonderful presentation by Heather Anish Anderson on achieving lofty goals and overcoming fears - what it took to set the unsupported speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail Join us June 12th, 2014 for a wonderful presentation by Heather Anish Anderson on achieving lofty goals, overcoming fears, and what it took to set the unsupported speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail

    PCT Express with Heather "Anish" Anderson

    The Pacific Crest Trail is an ambitious undertaking for any through-hiker. With over 2660 miles of varied terrain from Mexico to Canada, the PCT offers plenty of physical and mental challenges. In 2013, Heather "Anish" Anderson not only completed the Pacific Crest Trail unsupported, a tremendous feat in itself, but did so by shattering the record time, finishing the entire trail in 60 days, 17 hours and 12 minutes!

    Join us at Feathered Friends June 12, 2014 at 7pm as Heather presents the challenges of pursuing such a difficult undertaking, and what it took to finish the Pacific Crest Trail, self-supported, in record time. Whether you are planning a full through-hike of your own on one of America's Triple Crown routes, or just enjoy the exceptional outdoor opportunities in Washington, this promises to be an insightful and exciting evening.

    Where: Feathered Friends
    What: 'PCT Express' presentation with Heather Anderson
    When: Thursday, June 12th
    Time: Starts at 7pm
    Cost: $10 suggested donation
    Bonus: Swag

    See you there!

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  • On Location in Joshua Tree

    Greeting the morning sun in J-Tree Greeting the morning sun in J-Tree

    It's been a long-standing goal of mine to get down to Joshua Tree. I imagined I would marvel at the 7,000+ climbing routes dispersed among a veritable sea of monzonite granite. The dry air, warm temps and sunny skies are just the thing to revitalize the soul after a long and gloomy Seattle winter. It didn't take much deliberation when choosing this season's location for our Feathered Friend's photo shoot.
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