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  • Backpacking Hacks Part 1: Food

    It’s backpacking season in Washington, and the Feathered Friends staff is getting out there on adventures big and small. Here is a collection of some of our favorite backpacking tips. Part 1 focuses on food!

    Backpacking meal by Claire Giordano Dinner in the Sierras. Picture: Claire Giordano

    1. Fun food = happy hikers

    You may have been told that it doesn’t matter what food you bring, because you will be so hungry and eat it anyway... no matter how bad it tastes. While we have all choked down our fair share of freeze dried cardboard packs, taking the time and energy to bring exciting food elevates our backpacking experience like little else out there.

    From lugging cold pizza to base camp to carrying in a bag of candy, we each have a favorite food that we bring along. If weight is a concern, however, we suggest bringing something simple but fun like Expedition hot sauce or sausages to add to a lightweight freeze dried meal.

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