• Summer on the Divide: A Thru-Hiker's Notes on the Continental Divide Trail

    Our own Tessa McGee reflects on her time hiking the Continental Divide Trail. Words and images by Tessa McGee.


    I'm not sure how to tell this story. I'm not much of a storyteller and there are a lot of ways to sum something like this up. A recap feels a bit like trying to tie a little bow around some unruly pile of junk. I find it hard to talk about thru-hiking without making too much out of too little, or too little out of too much. It’s not for anybody else, so sharing it feels a bit uncomfortable. But here it goes - in the spirit of reflection in the start of a New Year - I'll try to strike a balance!

    It was 136 days with 21 zeros (days off). June 28th - November 10th, 2017. Canada to Mexico through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. My hike was a little over 2700 miles.

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  • Camping With An Infant

    Pro tips for camping with your newborn with Juna

    Camping with an infant may require some different preparation, but there is plenty of joy and playtime to be had Camping with an infant may require some different preparation, but there is plenty of joy and playtime to be had

    When my husband and I told people we were taking our seven-month-old camping we usually got one of two responses. For those who told us how “interesting” that sounded, while backing away slowly with looks of pure terror on their faces, I get it. Truth be told, I was a bit terrified as well. As a relatively new mom, terror, or at least mild anxiety, seems to be my default response when faced with most new baby-related activities.

    Responses from the other camp, so to speak, were filled with so much enthusiasm that it countered my fears and kicked me into planning mode. If you’re reading this, either you fall in the first category and are here to gloat at stories of mayhem and disaster, or, more likely, you’re a fellow parent who loves to get outside and doesn’t want to stop just because you’ve added a tiny member to your expedition team.

    We decided to start off with a car camping trip in California’s Anza Borrego State Park and Joshua Tree National Park as sort of a shakedown trip to work out what made kiddo happy and what could be improved on. I’m happy to report that our first camping trip included a lot of dirt and a few less-than-restful nights, but no mayhem or disaster.

    These notes and packing suggestions are what worked for us; I would love to hear from others about what’s worked for them and what we could try next time.

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  • Warmth for Two

    Penguin Double Bag

    Feathered Friends Double Bags

    When we started making down gear in 1972, Feathered Friends was a small operation run out of our founders’ basement. Each bag was a design adventure, from exploring baffle techniques to fabric choices and shape. The founders also had complete freedom to create what they wanted, from specialized alpine gear to versatile bags that could support a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. It was from this pursuit of versatility that the Feathered Friends double bags developed.

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