• Backpacking Hacks Part 2

    Part two is a smorgasbord of advice from the Feathered Friends staff on simple ways to maximize the fun while on a backpacking (or camping) adventure.

    clean socks hanging from a line Who doesn't love a good pair of clean socks? Photo: Claire Giordano

    1. Bring “Sacred Socks”

    Our feet take a beating on hikes (especially backpacking trips) when we wear the same pairs of socks for hours or days on end. While some feet (and noses) don’t mind, others do not take kindly to the abuse and complain. Our solution; bring a pair of clean “sacred socks” that are only worn in the tent. Not only does this keep your bag clean and fresh, but it also gives you the opportunity to rinse the salt and dirt from your hiking pair to prevent salt rash and unhappy feet.

    2. Don’t skimp on your sleeping pad

    Campsite comfort matters. After a long day of hiking there is nothing better than sitting down for a good meal and then crawling into a cozy tent and sleeping bag. Sadly, too often people forget about their sleeping pad and end up tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable position.

    For some people the simple foam layer will work well, but we are big fans of inflatable sleeping pads like those made by Therm-a-Rest, Exped, and Sea-to-Summit. While a little more expensive to get a high quality one, when taken good care of these pads can last a long time. They are also not only more comfortable, but also quite a bit warmer in cold conditions.

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  • Patagonia Worn Wear Tour - April 15

    The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will roll on through Seattle - stopping at Feathered Friends April 15th! The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will roll on through Seattle - stopping at Feathered Friends April 15th!

    Patagonia Worn Wear Tour @ Feathered Friends | April 15

    It isn't uncommon for us to see a well-loved, and well-used, sleeping bag or jacket come through the Feathered Friends store looking for a little TLC. After all, there are a plenty of adventures to be had, so why let a small tear or a wash get in the way?

    That is why we are excited that the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will be paying a visit at Feathered Friends on April 15th! They will be here with their one-of-a-kind bio-diesel van, complete with all the tools to spruce up your gear. So bring your gear that could use a little fixing-up and get it done by the repair technicians from Patagonia, or get the best tips and do it yourself on the spot! Get the most mileage out of your gear, and do double-duty by lowering the impact on the globe. Those of you looking for a deal - Patagonia will have used items for sale as well!

    Be ready for Spring and Summer! Drop by on Wednesday, April 15th!

    Where: Feathered Friends
    What: Patagonia Worn Wear Tour
    When: Wednesday, April 15th
    Time: 12pm to 6pm
    Cost: FREE!
    Bonus: Food | Product Repair | Repair Tips | Used gear for sale

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