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Feathered Friends Down Booties were designed to offer the versatility of an extremely warm, insulated sock with a weather resistant shell that made ventures outside the tent possible without having to put your boots back on.  The combination can be worn around camp and when it's time to climb in your bag, leave the dirt behind and slide in with the warmest pair of socks you can find.  Our booties were built for warmth, not a marathon, so please use them responsibly.

Made with ethically-sourced 800+ fill power goose down

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• Weather resistant Pertex® Endurance® shell fabric
• 800 fill power European goose down insulated linings
• Drawcords at the ankle and cuff
• Durable, waterproof soles
• Removable foam insoles


US Women's
5 - 7
7.5 - 9
9.5 - 11
11.5 - 13
US Men's
4 - 6
6.5 - 8
8.5- 10
10.5 - 12
12.5 - 14
14.5 - 16
5.5 - 38
38.5 - 41
41.5 - 43.5
44 - 46
46.5 - 48.5
49 - 50.5

Additional Info

Garment Shell Fabric Pertex® Endurance® UL
Fill Power 800+ Goose Down
Fill Weight 4 oz (Medium)
Average Weight 9.3 oz (Medium)

Customer Reviews (18)

Incredible Customer Service and High Quality ProductReview by Adelaide
I just received my down booties and they are very well made, comfy and warm. I'm super excited to test them in the backcountry during long ski tours. Of all of the research we did, we found these booties to be far superior to similar models. Perhaps most importantly, I had a weird mix up with my shipping address (my fault) that could have been a real hassle but they created a simple fix and sent me a new pair without delay. Thank you so much for completing our winter/spring travel kit, really looking forward to enjoying long nights that could be frigid, but will instead be toasty warm and dry. (Posted on 2/3/2019)
Love these.Review by Warm feet
My dad bought these for me for Christmas last year. It's getting to be that time of year again, so I took them out just the other day, and I love them. I am not a camper or much in to the outdoors, but I have very poor circulation in my hands and my feet. These booties; however, have made a huge difference. Great product, extremely warm, and I love the fact that the outer lining comes off. I wear these just about everywhere and then take the lining off and hop into bed. Thank you FF for making an awesome product! (Posted on 11/24/2018)
Nepal boundReview by New York Lad
I'm in my 60's, heading for a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal in May 2018 and I've always been looking for a booty like this, with an outer removable shell and inner down bootie. I sprung for black, extra large. My feet are size 13. They fit perfectly. I've been trying them out and they are by far the best, especially because of their modular nature. They are warmer and less restrictive than socks. Highly recommended. I will also use them in my off-grid cabin in Northern Vermont. (Posted on 3/27/2018)
awesomeReview by Simba
Love these boots. Perfect for winter camping....extremely warm. The shell design is awesome for getting up in the middle of the night....easy on easy off. Of all the boots i looked at the outer shell looks to be the most durable. Great for walking around camp. (Posted on 1/22/2018)
Best Booties Ever!Review by Susan
I bought my down booties over a year ago when I lived in an apartment with a cold floor. I wore them every single day, and now that I'm in my own house, I still wear them frequently. I take them camping, too, and wear them outside for those brief nighttime forays. If my feet are cold when I go to bed, I take off the outer shell and crawl into bed with the booties on (keeps the bedding clean) and my toes are toasty within minutes. I LOVE these and recommend them 100%! (Posted on 3/24/2017)
AmazingReview by Brian
Honestly, I love the down booties.
Granted, you're not going to walk up a steep hill in them or your foot will slide off the side. But as far as lounging around camp, and more importantly keeping your feet warm at night they are unbelievable.

I had many nights where my feet were uncomfortably cold. With the Down Booties, the internal sock pulls out, the down expands, and it's incredibly comfortable to sleep in. Need to get out of the tent or hammock in the middle of the night? Slipping on the shell is lightyears easier than putting on a hiking boot. And in the cold nights, those extra few moments are worth every penny. (Posted on 3/17/2017)
Love!Review by Dunkleweiss
I have owned many down booties, Feathered Friends are by far the BEST! Sizing is true to fit, super comfortable! I really appreciate the design. A warm down sock that slips into a bootie is a perfect design. I have ad my new booties for about 2 weeks and could not be happier. Quality! Warmth! Really the best I have found. So happy! (Posted on 2/16/2017)
A winter camper's dreamReview by Habilis
First, let me say that if you are looking to down booties for ankle support, or for warmth while climbing in crampons, you're in the wrong aisle. I have had the soled ones for decades...wore them camping again a few weeks ago. I just brushed off the cordura soles before climbing into the bag liner. THESE ARE THE ULTIMATE...less versitile, lower-rated filling booties go for $85 anyway. Go with these.
H (Posted on 10/31/2016)
Perfect for me! Size down.Review by Morgan
I only rarely winter/cold weather camp and I purchased these booties with the general everyday in mind. So far, besides using them as luxurious indoor slippers I've used them while walking the dog, making the trek to my sauna and back, and after nordic skiing while driving home and hanging in the chalet. They have kept me feet warm and dry(!) in temperatures ranging from just above freezing to below zero.

I have a solidly size nine foot and bought the smalls. They fit perfectly with very little excess room. I would suggest sizing down if you are on the split of two sizes! (Posted on 1/10/2016)
Great even without socks!Review by Yousef
I have noticed that these booties have an inner layer that tends to move sideways, but it's only natural since both layers aren't attached together. I am satisfied with the amount of warmth these booties deliver, I wear them while I sit in the balcony to read and have a warm beverage during a cold winter night where the temperature hovers around 0°C.I have yet to test them in colder environments, but so far, they are fantastic! (Posted on 4/27/2015)
Warm & ComfyReview by Meaghan
I was getting ready for a camping trip in the Smokey Mountains in the middle of December and was looking for something to keep my feet warm while at camp. I could not have been happier with these booties!!

I have always found that no matter how much I bundle up, my feet always manage to be cold. I was a little apprehensive with these since nothing has seemed to work in the past, but I was not disappointed at all. My feet were never cold and the temperatures at night got down to 15 degrees. I loved that I was able to slip the liner off and wear the inner booty to sleep. Thank you Feathered Friends! (Posted on 1/8/2014)
Solid constructionReview by Thomas
Just used these on a camping trip with temps in the -20's and wind chills in the -40s. Fantastic boots. Super easy to get the liner in and out of the shells, which seem to be of a solid construction, and the ability to close the liners to two different sizes is a huge plus!

I would caution people on the sizing though... I, like another user was right between two sizes (US10-10.5 depends on company) and so sized up to the larges not wanting to compress the down in the mediums and they are very large on my foot. Tolerable but quite roomy. I added a second footbed to the liners just to help take up space and with warmth. (Posted on 1/7/2014)
Slip N SlideReview by Christina
Love the color and very warm and cozy. BUT, I ordered a small because I typically wear a size 8 and my feet seem to be slipping and sliding inside the boot. I can't imagine wearing an XS but maybe that's what I needed to get a tighter fit? Overall, it serves its purpose by keeping my toesies warm while stylin. :) (Posted on 12/15/2013)
Good BootiesReview by el nino
These are awesome.
Went from WM Flash to these.... main reason is so I can sleep in the sock and use the over booty to walk around camp. With the WMs, they were strictly "camp shoes" unless I didn't mind introducing dirt/etc into my tent and bag.
Great for hammock lounging feet get numb when sitting in a hammock unless the tarp is all the way to the ground.
Bought these in person at their Seattle store during my visit to Seattle during a PCT hike....awesome store, awesome people.

Another note: these are stuffed properly, no thin spots...compared to my old booties.

thanks FF
(Posted on 11/23/2013)
Down BootiesReview by Dogwood
I have always enjoyed the quality and designs of Feathered Friends gear as a long distance hiker however I'm looking for a product that I can separate into a separate down sock and protective shell? I don't just want a down booty camp shoe OR a down sock that is more conducive to wearing once inside my quilt/sleeping bag. I want both in one shoe that takes a component designed approach. Is the "down liner" as Kerry is commenting on separate from the shell in the regard that I can just wear the down sock("down liner") and NOT the shell into my sllep system?

Thank you for your comments.

Feathered Friends Reply:

Hi Dogwood,

Our Down Booties are designed in the manner that you are looking for - the inner lightweight down booty can be removed from its outer protective shell. Wear the shell and inner booty when walking around camp or in the snow, and slip off the shell when you're about to jump in to your tent or sleeping bag.

Cheers! (Posted on 11/8/2013)
warm feetReview by kerry
I was looking for new booties since my old sd booties have worn out so badly they are more duct tape than booty. Though a little more expensive, these are wonderful. I walk around in booties in the house and when camping so I need the good soles, but my feet can also be really cold when I first get into bed or into my sleeping bag. I like the down liner with the slip-on nylon cover with the more substantial sole. which I can just slip off when I go to sleep. These also have snaps on the down liner around the ankle, and the nylon cover has 2 toggles--one at the ankle and one at the top of the cuff. The down liner does slide a bit in the nylon overshoe, but this is a pretty minor flaw. They fit true to size and seem well constructed, and they are very warm. My feet are happy (Posted on 10/5/2013)
Nicely DoneReview by John Smith Anon
I haven't used these in the field yet but comparing them at home to my WM booties(not the Flash, forgot the name), and my AHE (arrowhead equipment) down socks.

These booties are the heaviest of the bunch but also the warmest and most versatile.
The WM would make my tent dirty, and no way I'd use them in my sleeping bag.
The AHE down socks work great in tent and sleeping bag but can't go outside.

With the FF booties, I have the best of both worlds.

No complaints....both the WM and FF are "unstable" when walking around in. There is really no way around that. But at least with the FF I can enjoy them in the tent.

Also, the FF seem to be overstuffed quite a bit and have down on the bottoms of the socks...the WM only have the foam padding.

I'm sticking with the FF for winter camping, I might use the AHE socks with the FF. I haven't tried that combo yet. The FF socks ride up higher than the AHE socks and WM booties, keeping the back of ankles, and lower calves warmer....definitely helps my feet warm back up faster having the extra length.

(Posted on 10/1/2013)

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