Feathered Friends Down Comforter Guide

We are often asked why we make down comforters and pillows. Outwardly, we typically appear as an outdoor-centric brand however, at our core, we are focused on making the finest down products available. It is fitting that we utilize our premium goose down and Seattle-based manufacturing for down bedding that you can use day in and day out, year after year, when you're not on the trail or high in the mountains.

To help you choose a comforter that is well suited to your needs, we made this handy guide to break down the different options we offer. Our comforters can be simplified to the following attributes:

Series: Anniversary Series & Cascade Series
Construction: Baffled Box & Bavarian
Weight: Light, Medium, Arctic, & Ultimate

Anniversary Series | Cascade Series

For all of our down bedding, we offer two different series: our Anniversary Series and Cascade Series. What is the difference? The difference is in the down fill. Anniversary Series down comforters and pillows are filled with our premium 850+ fill power Hungarian white goose down - the finest available. This yields uncompromised quality and warmth for years to come. Our Cascade Series down comforters and pillows utilize excellent 700+ fill power white goose down.

Anniversary Series Cascade Series
  • 850+ white goose down
  • The finest comforters and pillows we make
  • Most luxurious warmth without the weight
  • 700+ white goose down
  • Excellent all-around use
  • Slightly higher fill weight

  • Baffled Box | Bavarian

    Like sleeping bags and garments, down comforters come in different construction styles. The two types we make are Baffled Box and Bavarian.

    Those looking for the absolute warmest comforter will gravitate towards the Baffled Box - much like our sleeping bags, Baffled Box comforters have vertical fabric walls (baffles) between the top and bottom layers of the comforter fabric along the seam lines. The fabric wall creates an even layer of insulation, allowing down to loft to maximum fullness within the chamber.

    Bavarian comforters are sewn-through along the seams, preventing down from shifting from one chamber to another, and yielding a voluptuous & puffy aesthetic.

    Baffled Box Bavarian
  • Baffle wall construction
  • Chambers are more evenly lofted
  • Offered in Medium, Arctic, and Ultimate weights
  • Sewn-through construction
  • Down cannot shift between chambers
  • Available in Light, Medium, and Arctic weights

  • Comforter Weight

    Wherever you live or sleep, we have a comforter to suit your needs. Because each of us is unique, and not all comforters are alike, choosing a comforter weight can be confusing. To make it easier, consider these questions:

    • Are you a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper?
    • Are one or two people sleeping under the quilt? Two people sleep warmer than one.
    • Do you keep your bedroom warm? Cold? What is the average temperature while you sleep?
    • What is the climate like? Will you use your comforter year-round or seasonally?

    Light: Our Light weight comforters are ideal for warm climates, warm bedrooms, and for cooler summer use. Light weight comforters are only available in our Bavarian style

    Medium: Our Medium weight comforters are best for all-around use. These are our most popular comforters since they work well in the Pacific Northwest and most temperature-controlled rooms.

    Arctic: Arctic weight comforters are great comforters for chilly rooms or cold sleepers. Very popular for many mountain home environments.

    Ultimate: Seriously warm. Ultimate weight comforters are ideal for very cold sleepers, colder climates, and for people who seldom heat their rooms on cold nights. These comforters are only available in our Baffled Box style

    Still have a question about Feathered Friends down comforters? Do not hesitate to ask us! Call our Seattle store at (206) 292-2210 or send us an email to customerservice@featheredfriends.com