Our Fabrics

Since our founding, Feathered Friends has been at the forefront of fabric technology. We pioneered the use of GORE-TEX® in sleeping bags decades ago, and we continue to search out the newest and most innovative fabrics available. Down garments and sleeping bags require a soft and supple fabric to achieve maximum loft, and thus maximum thermal efficiency. There is a fine balancing act between fabrics that are just too fragile for use in an outdoor application and those that, while durable, negate the effectiveness of the down insulation. We have carefully chosen fabrics throughout our product line to complement the intended use. We strive to maintain the balance between durability and weight savings, and offer many of our sleeping bags in two fabric choices so you can choose what best meets your needs. For example, sleeping bags in our UL line use a Pertex® Quantum Pro fabric that weighs in at less than an ounce per square yard, tipping the scale in favor of superior weight savings. Sleeping bags in our YF line weigh slightly more, with the benefit of enhanced durability.

Pertex® Shield® | Winter & Expedition Sleeping Bags

Pertex® Shield® technology combines water resistance with exceptional moisture vapor transport ability while the soft nature of the fabric allows the down to achieve maximum loft. The combination of weather protection, moisture management, and durability makes this a great shell fabric for our winter and expedition sleeping bags.

15 denier by 15 denier, 209 x 158 thread count with a 40 denier rip-stop weave
1.66 oz/yd² total weight
Waterproof/Breathable Pertex® Shield® technology

Pertex® Shield® | Expedition Garments

We use Pertex® Shield to make a line of expedition garments with superior water resistance and moisture vapor transport. Highly durable, the larger yarns in this fabric allow for a greater degree of vapor transfer due to the larger spaces at the intersections in the weave. Made for rugged use in harsh environments, this is the burliest fabric we use.

30 denier by 30 denier, 143 x 132 thread count with a 50 denier rip-stop weave
1.92 oz/yd² total weight
Waterproof/Breathable Pertex® Shield® technology

Pertex® Quantum Pro® | Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Feathered Friends pioneered the use of this ultralight, water-resistant and breathable fabric in our UL950 line of sleeping bags. Refinements in fabric weaving and coating have made ever lighter fabrics possible, translating into ultralight sleeping bags that weight ounces less than similar bags of years past. Besides the weight savings, this light and supple fabric allows our premium down to loft to its maximum potential.

10 denier by 10 denier, 275 x 235 thread count mini-ripstop
.94 oz/yd² total weight
Water-Resistant/Breathable Pertex® Endurance® coating

Pertex® Quantum Pro® | Light & Midweight Garments

Similar in structure to the Pertex® Quantum Pro used in our ultralight sleeping bags, the Quantum Pro used in our light and midweight garments is a 20 denier fabric that is well suited for frequent wear. Incorporating high tenacity yarns allows the fabric to maximize tear strength with minimal weight, while the DWR finish helps protect against light precipitation.

20 denier by 20 denier, 203 x 183 thread count mini-ripstop
1.22 oz/yd² total weight
Water-Resistant/Breathable Pertex® Quantum Pro® coating


Pertex® Quantum with YFuse Technology | Three-season Sleeping Bags

Pertex Quantum® with YFuse technology is woven from yarns with unique Y-shaped filaments that create a tightly interlocking structure. This structure allows for a fabric with increased downproofing and water beading properties, even after years of use and washing. Soft to the touch and easily packable, YFuse makes a great shell for three-season sleeping bags.

100% nylon
20 denier by 20 denier
1.03 oz/yd² total weight
Water-Resistant/Breathable Pertex® Quantum with DWR finish
Pertex® YFuse Technology

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