Grivel G12 Newmatic Crampon with Antibot plates

One of our favorites, and a classic. The G12 crampons are a timeless piece of gear for everything from general mountaineering to mixed ice, rock, and moderate waterfall outes. The length and orientation of the strong steel crampon points also improve security while ascending and descending.

Newmatic: semi-automatic binding.

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  • 12 point crampons
  • Made from Chromolly steel
  • Semi rigid design
  • Fits boot sizes 36-47
  • Semi-automatic binding. Features rear bale and lever to lock into heel welt, and in the front has a hinged plastic harness to hold a boot securely without a toe bail

Additional Info

Anti-Balling System Yes
Attachment Semi-Automatic
Number of Points 12
Material Chromolly Steel
Weight 31.7 oz (with antibott 36.7)

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