Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon

Combination of a digital and analog device with three antennas. Easy. Fast. Effective. Easy: Clear instructions thanks to an easy operating concept. Fast: Fast and precise locating thanks to a 360° directional display and three antennas. Effective: Significant time savings thanks to a clear overview in the event of multiple burial situations.

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• Acoustic search guidance
• Rescue-SEND
• Lithium battery mode
• LCD contrast setting
• 2 user profiles, Basic and Advanced
• Optimized distance and direction display
• Numbering of marked buried subjects
• Pinpointing with distance indication
• Protection against accidental switching from SEARCH to SEND
• Frequency check for group test
• Acoustic signal after first reception

Basic profile

• Digital mode
• Overview of number of victims
• Digital audio signal for rapid and simple location
• Marking of located buried subjects

Advanced profile

• Digital and analog mode
• Allows manual scrolling of the list of buried subjects
• Overview of distance, direction and number of buried subjects
• Manual selection of the search object based on distance and probability of survival
• Marking of located buried subjects
• Analog search using acoustic signal playback via an integrated loudspeaker (full analog mode with manual adjustment of receiver sensitivity)

Additional Info

Antennas 3
Power Supply 3 Alkaline (LR03/AAA) AAA or Lithium (L92/AAA) AAA batteries
Battery Life 200+ hours in send-mode
Frequency 457 kHz
Maximum Range 50 m (digital) and 80 m (analog)

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