Spoonbill Nano Sleeping Bag

While the inspiration for this bag came from the fast and light climbing styles of our top athletes, the Spoonbill has become a favorite across many outdoor pursuits. The spoonbill is the perfect solution for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to significantly lighten their load while not compromising on comfort or performance for two.

The award winning design allows two people to share the thermal benefit of being in the same bag while maintaining the efficiency of an independent contoured hood and collar that can be adjusted with no impact to the other user. Half length zippers on each side provide access without disturbing your partner. The real weight savings comes from eliminating the unnecessary insulation on the bottom half; the floor is comprised of a single layer of our Nano Shield fabric. Use the sleeping pads of your choice on the outside or a closed cell pad can be cut to the interior dimensions.

Nano: Schoeller® NanoSphere® 20 denier water-resistant/ breathable fabric.
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  • One 32” (81cm) length zipper per side allows easy access for both sleepers
  • Ergonomically designed hoods with separate draw cords
  • Integrated collar and hood for each user
  • Single layer Schoeller Nano Shield bottom
  • Dual draft tubes

Additional Info

Length Reg 6' 0" / 183 cm | Long 6' 6" / 198 cm
Dimensions 104" / 90" / 68"
Fill Power 900+ Goose Down
Fill Weight Reg 23 oz / 652 g
Long 24 oz / 680 g
Lining Fabric Pertex® 30 denier nylon taffeta
Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA of imported materials
Packed Size 7.5" x 14" | 17L
Average Weight Reg 2 lb 12 oz / 1254 g
Long 2 lb 14 oz 1316 g
Sleeping Bag Shell Fabric Schoeller Nanosphere®
Zip Side N/A

Customer Reviews (3)

Awesome bagReview by Chris
My wife and I have been using the spoonbill for around 2 years now as well. Been out in it from freezing to cool spring/fall temps with it. It keeps us nice and warm! Sometimes too warm.
We are using (2) Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm Max rectangle pads with R Ratings of 5.7. and weigh 20.3 ounces each. We used to use 2 sets of the Thermarest strap kits (4 straps in total) to keep these stuck together and not allow air up, or us to press down through the middle. These totaled 5.15 ounces and where very obnoxious to put on and take off 4 straps every time we set up and broke camp but they did the job perfectly. I just stitched a sleeve/sack for the 2 pads out of .70 Ventum Ripstop Nylon in hopes of making this more convenient to set up/tear down. It weights 3.7 ounces and seems to work perfectly as well. We'll be breaking it in a 100+ mile trip near Rainier in July.
All told, our sleep system including Spoonbill, Pads and sleeve weighs 88.3 ounces! Do that in freezing temps with any other 2 bag combo out there if you can!

(Posted on 6/24/2017)
Spoonbill Nano missing pad for twoReview by Peter Scott
My wife and I have had the Spoonbill Nano for about 2 years now and we like it, to a point. We've really had a hard time finding a pad that will work with the sleeping bag. Nemo makes a great insulated sleeping pad. The pad only comes in individuals and they sell a fitted sheet to keep them together. Only problem is the sheet is to loose, the cool creeps up between the pads.

This sleeping bag would be great if their where a pad that supports the width (aka one pad or a way to join two). Since there is no insulation on the bottom of the Spoonbill the "insulated" pad is important.

I might recommend holding off on this bag until either Spoonbill or another manufacture comes up with a system to join two standard air matrices.

Other than that......the quality of the bag and the filling was worth every penny.

Feathered Friends Reply:

Hello Peter,

We're glad that you like the Spoonbill! One of the big challenges with a singular sleeping bag unit for two, unlike our modular Penguin and Condor systems, is joining the sleeping pads. We find the Therm-a-Rest Universal Couple Kit works quite well to join two pads together since it adjusts to whatever pads you are using. While a little space could open up, we've found that the kit generally keeps pads nice and close for long periods of time. We hope you continue to enjoy the Spoonbill!

Cheers! (Posted on 6/23/2014)
Groundsheet?Review by Woodsen Saunders
Just wondering if both the spoonbills come with a ground sheet that can accommodate and hold securely two ground pads? What is the temperature rating of these bags?

Feathered Friends Response:

The Spoonbill does not have a groundsheet that accommodates sleeping pads - the bottom is just a single layer of fabric. Most people link two sleeping pads (with something like a Therm-a-Rest Couple Kit) and place the sleeping pads underneath the Spoonbill. As for the temperature rating, there really isn't one. Rating a sleeping bag for one is difficult, and rating one for two is even more challenging. Suffice it to say it is versatile, as it has been used for backpacking in the Cascades to hard test pieces on Denali. (Posted on 12/16/2013)

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