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ATC Guide

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One the most popular multi-use belay/rappel devices from Black Diamond that strikes a great balance between function, ease-of-use, and lightweight.  Easily belay off of your harness or an anchor.  Different modes allow you to vary the amount of friction and stopping power for use with a variety of ropes of different diameters, and for rappelling and lowering.  A lead climber can belay a seconding climbing partner directly off of a solid anchor, and then transfer the device to their harness when swapping leads to be able to rig the device to belay their climbing partner who will lead the next pitch without having to re-feed the climbing rope through the device.  A lead climber also has the ability to belay one or two seconding climbers simultaneously off of a solid anchor. This device also includes an auto-block release hole that accepts small carabiners for use in the guide mode whenever it is necessary to "un-lock" the device when it is fully weighted by a seconding climber while the lead climber is belaying that seconding climber directly off of a solid anchor.


  • Multi-purpose belay/rappel device
  • Designed for ropes from 8.1mm to 11mm in diameter
  • 10% lighter with improved rope handling over the previous version
  • Made with an auto-block hole that accepts small carabiners
  • Durable coated retainment cable
  • 80g (2.82oz)