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Black Diamond's premier all-around 3-section 100% carbon fully adjustable hiking and trekking poles.   These poles will do just about everything that you need poles for.  Hiking, backpacking, climbing approaches, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, backcountry skiing, split snowboarding, travel, etc.  Carbon poles will not bend like aluminum poles can do, which can make your poles no longer adjustable. This is a huge advantage, and will typically give the poles a much longer lifespan of use.  3-section poles give you a much larger range of length adjustment than 2-section poles, and allow the poles to become much more compact for carrying on your pack or in your luggage when needed.  The newer style forged aluminum FlickLock Pro length adjusting mechanisms are lighter and easier to use than the old original FlickLocks.  The premium ergonomic cork grips are the most comfortable when using your bare hands and hiking long distances. This material is softer and has better moisture management properties than other grip materials often used like rubber or plastic, and helps prevents blisters.  The ergonomic shape of the top of the grips allow the poles to comfortably be "palmed" when hiking down steep terrain.  The well designed wrist straps are supremely comfortable and easily adjustable to your size hands and choice of handwear for maximum support and hand positioning to minimize fatigue.  The carbide tips are interchangeable and easily replaceable, since thru-hikers and hardcore users will eventually wear hiking pole tips down. Rubber tips are also interchangeable when more grip is desired on hard surfaces.  Small 38mm trekking baskets are included, but several other sizes and styles of baskets, including different ski baskets, are available to optimize the function and performance of these poles in every type of trail and snow condition.


  • 3-section 100% carbon fiber shafts
  • Forged aluminum FlickLock Pro adjustability
  • Premium cork grips with ergonomic grip tops
  • Comfortable and supportive Solution Straps designed with climbing harness technology
  • Replaceable Flex Tech tips
  • Interchangeable carbide and rubber Tech Tips
  • 38mm Trekking Baskets included.  Ski and other styles available separately
  • Adjustable from 61cm-130cm (24in-51in)
  • 1 lbs 1.1 oz (486 g)