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Unique 3-section adjustable hiking and trekking poles from Black Diamond that combine a new FlickLock Pro mechanism for the upper usable length adjustment with a new SmashLock quick release mechanism to more quickly and easily deploy and retract the lower pole section.  Aluminum poles can be more difficult to accidentally snap in half like carbon poles can sometimes do in extreme stressed situations.  This is a significant advantage and preference for some users.  3-section poles like this allow the poles to become much more compact for carrying on your pack or in your luggage when needed.  The grips are made of a soft foam that extends further downward along the top of the upper pole section to allow you to more comfortably and securely grip the pole lower down and "choke up" on the poles for short sections when desirable. The new solution wrist straps are designed with climbing harness technology for supreme comfort, and are simple and easily adjustable to your size hands and choice of handwear for maximum support and hand positioning to minimize fatigue.  The carbide tips are interchangeable and easily replaceable, since thru-hikers and hardcore users will eventually wear hiking pole tips down. Interchangeable rubber tips are also available for when more grip is desired on hard surfaces.  Both interchangeable small 38mm trekking baskets and 100mm powder baskets are included, but other sizes and styles of baskets are available separately to optimize the function and performance of these poles for every type of trail and snow condition.


  • 3-section aluminum
  • FlickLock Pro adjustability up top
  • SmashLock quick-release mechanism for the lower
  • Extended foam grip
  • Easily adjustable solution wrist strap
  • 38mm Trekking Baskets and 100mm Powder Baskets included.  More hiking and ski style baskets available separately
  • Usable adjustment length is 105cm - 140cm (41in - 55in)
  • Collapsed length is 65 cm (25 in)
  • 530 g (1 lb 2.6 oz)