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Another unique 2-section adjustable aluminum pole that offers the ability to attach Black Diamond's now famous "Whippet" attachment as an optional added accessory. The Whippet can help keep a slip from turning into a fall while navigating a snow slope, but is not a substitute for an ice axe.  The removable nature of this current Whippet design allows the user to take the Whippet accessory off when not needed or desired.  Aluminum poles can be more difficult to accidentally snap in half like carbon poles can sometimes do in extreme stressed situations.  This is a significant advantage and preference for some users.  2-section poles can be more solid and less likely to break than 3-section poles in certain circumstances, and may also be less likely to collapse when in use.  The newer style forged aluminum FlickLock Pro length adjusting mechanism is lighter and easier to use than the old original FlickLock. The ergonomic shape of the top of the grip has a pronounced hooking tip for grabbing heel lifts and boot buckles.  The wrist straps are simple and easily adjustable to your size hands and choice of handwear for maximum support and hand positioning to minimize fatigue.  100mm powder baskets are included, and several other sizes and styles of easily interchangeable baskets for hiking and skiing are available to optimize the function and performance of these poles in every type of trail and snow condition.