Down Wash - 1000ml

Down Wash - 1000ml

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A wash-in cleaner for down or synthetic-filled insulated items.  Great for products like down jackets/pants, sleeping bags, comforters, and pillows.  It's important to wash your items on a regular basis to maintain their warmth and prolong their lifespan.  It's also important to wash your insulated items properly and with the proper cleaning products.  Normal detergents shouldn't be used on these types of products since they often leave chemical residues behind that do not rinse out and that can degrade the loft, warmth, and performance of your insulation.


  • Cleaner Formulated Specifically for Down and Synthetic-Filled Products
  • Use 50ml Capful per Large Item.  Use Half a Cap for Washing By Hand
  • Use Instead of Normal Detergent
  • Safe for High Performance and Waterproof/Breathable Shell and Lining Fabrics
  • Helps Preserve the Natural Oils, Loft, and Warmth of Down
  • Wash According to Product Care Label Instructions
  • Use 2 Soap Wash and 2 Rinse Cycles for Neglected or More Heavily Soiled Items
  • Dry Items According to Individual Product Care Label Instructions
  • Removes Odors
  • Does Not Leave Residue
  • Restores Loft and Warmth
  • Helps Revitalize Original Water-Repellency
  • Enhances Breathability
  • Similar Performance in Hard or Soft Water
  • Bluesign® Approved
  • 1000ml


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