4 Slide Harness
4 Slide Harness

4 Slide Harness

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This Mammut 4 Slide Harness is an incredible value for beginning to expert climbers alike.  Four Slide-Bloc buckles allow this harness to be adjusted comfortably to a wide variety of body sizes and different amounts of clothing from summer to winter climbing.  Having 2 adjustment buckles at the hips allows the climber to always keep the harness and gear loops perfectly centered around your waist for an ideal fit.  This 4-buckle system creates the best possible fit for the best possible comfort through enabling even body weight distribution between your legs and waist.  The generous padding makes this harness extremely comfortable for a variety of types of climbing uses.  4 large downturned gear loops allow for optimal gear organization and are capable of carrying a large amount of gear if needed.  2 quick-release drop-seat buckles in the rear make for quick and easy access for nature calls while remaining tied in for safety.  Red material woven into the tie-in point serves as an indicator to alert the user to damage.


  • All-Around Fully Adjustable and Fully Padded Climbing Harness
  • 4 Slide-Bloc Buckles Adjust to Different Body Sizes and Clothing Layers
  • 2 Adustment Buckles on the Waist Keep the Harness and Gear Loops Ideally Centered
  • 2 Quick-Release Drop-Seat Buckles for Quick and Easy Access Nature Calls while Remaining Tied-In
  • Red Material Woven into the Tie-In Point Alerts the User to Damage
  • Available in 2 Unisex Sizes:  S-M, M-XL
  • CE EN 12277 Type C, UIAA
  • 490 g (17.28 oz)