Barryvox S

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Mammut's top-of-the-line avalanche transceiver for the professional or dedicated backcountry user looking for a beacon with all of the most modern features and tools available.  By combining the different benefits of both digital and analog modes, you get all of the search features and visual aids of a modern digital beacon with the capability of the longer receiving range of an analog beacon.  This unit is for the person that loves technology and has the willingness, time, patience, and ability to learn, understand, and utilize all of the functions and capabilities of this type of device.  Many novices will also be able to confidently use this device, but may prefer a more basic value-oriented beacon.  This is a start-of-the-art piece of equipment from Mammut.


  • Digital/Analog combo transceiver with 3-antennas
  • Ergonomic and break-proof housing
  • Circular receiving field
  • Display shows distance, direction, and number of burials
  • Audio and Visual Guidance
  • Multiple burial signal processing
  • Marking/unmark function
  • Mark and unmark burials from a list
  • Smart search feature interacts with rescuer's actions to improve performance
  • Reverse direction feature helps avoid 180 degree errors
  • Auto Revert Mode
  • Vital Data 3D sensor for optional additional burial triage
  • Auto guidance feature helps direct rescuer when signals fail or overlap
  • Optional Analog Mode extends receiving range and search strip width
  • Configurable advanced search settings
  • Updatable software
  • Lithium battery compatible for longer battery life and better performance in lower temperatures.  (Uses either alkaline or lithium batteries)
  • Barryvox carrying system included
  • Made in Switzerland


Weight :  210 g
Frequency :  457 kHz
Battery Life :  300 hours in send mode (400 hours with lithium batteries)
Digital Search Strip Width :  70 meters (up to 100 meters with Analog mode)
Maximum Digital Receiving Range :  70 meters (up to 95 meters with Analog mode)
Batteries :  3 AAA (either Alkaline or Lithium)
Dimensions :  115mm x 67mm x 27mm


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