I Picket 24 in

I Picket 24 in

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This I Picket snow anchor from SMC has been refined over many years of testing and is designed to be placed either horizontally as a deadman or vertically, depending upon the snow conditions encountered.  The modified I-beam construction is designed for maximum hold.  The precision tapered end allows for easier placement in hard snow.  The edges of the clip-in holes are beveled to protect ropes and webbing.  The hole pattern spacing is designed to maximize holding power in a variety of snow conditions and placements.  In hard snow, the picket in driven in like a stake and angled 15° back from the direction of pull with a carabiner clipped into the hole closest to the surface of the snow.  In softer snow conditions, the picket is buried horizontally like a deadman perpendicular to the direction of pull with a carabiner clipped into the center hole and a slot dug in the snow allowing for the runner/rope to be pulled in a direct line.  Snow conditions vary widely and can change rapidly, and the strength of various types of placements is difficult to predict.  There are many different trade-offs with different types of snow anchor designs, depending upon the circumstances.  The right tool for the right job.  Just like everything else in climbing, proper instruction and practice in a safe environment is essential.


  • 24" Snow Picket Anchor
  • Modified I-Beam Construction Provides Maximum Hold
  • High Strength-To-Weight Ratio
  • Natural Finish
  • Precision Tapered End for Easier Placement in Hard Snow
  • Clip-In Holes with Beveled Edges to Protect Ropes and Webbing
  • Spaced Hole Pattern for Maximum Holding Power in Different Snow Conditions and Configurations
  • Designed to be placed Vertically or used as a Dead Man "T" Anchor
  • 12.7 oz (361 g)




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