Evo Trail Snowshoes
Evo Trail Snowshoes

Evo Trail Snowshoes

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This is now a classic snowshoe from MSR that was one of the first modern groundbreaking snowshoe designs that defined and helped create an explosion in the popularity of recreational snowshoeing.  These snowshoes have made snowshoeing easy and accessible for thousands of people.  Most users prefer the less expensive MSR showshoes over even the most expensive models from other brands. The binding is quick and easy to put on and off, even with warm bulky winter mittens on.  The connection of the binding to the snowshoe deck pivots freely as you stride, but is extremely torsionally rigid side-to-side. This rigidity give the shoe superior performance when traversing across a slope by helping to keep your foot from twisting off of the edge of the deck and remain solidly on top. The full length steel traction rails underneath also promote superior traction and grip for maximum stability.  The toothed binding claw up front provides extra grip when kicking steps uphill as the snow gets firmer.  The thin profile of the deck up front allows the nose to more easily slice into the snow when kicking steps, and the slightly upturned shape enables the shoe to glide and float more smoothly when braking trail in powder snow.  Braking sections molded into the bottom of the deck help slow you down when going downhill.  While most people will be happiest and most comfortable using snowshoes that are no longer than 20-25 inches for the vast majority of outings, MSR does also make optional Modular Tails that can be added for extra flotation if desired.  These snowshoes are built tough, can withstand a lot of use and abuse, and are the best value available in a all-around snowshoe. These are also lighter in weight than most other MSR snowshoe models.


  • Polypropylene deck material
  • Martensitic Steel traction
  • Designed for footwear sizes 4.5 - 15 U.S. (Euro 35-48)
  • 22" in Length (56 cm)
  • 8" in Width (20 cm)
  • 3 lbs 9 oz (1.63 kg)
  • Made In The USA