Warranty Info



All Feathered Friends products are guaranteed to the original owner with proof of purchase for the lifetime of the product against defects in workmanship or materials. Damage due to accident, normal wear and tear, improper care, negligence or the natural breakdown of materials over time are not covered under warranty but can be repaired for a reasonable fee at our discretion. Standard products may be returned in unused condition with original packaging and receipt within 30 days for a refund or exchange (excluding shipping charges). Custom orders including but not limited to pattern alterations, non-standard fabrics/colors, custom fill weights or other modifications may not be returned except in the case of defects in material or construction. Factory seconds are sold on an as-is basis and are not covered under warranty.

All warranties must be submitted with a Warranty Form with a return authorization number. Any item returned without this information will not be processed. Items returned for warranty evaluation must be returned clean as required by Washington state law or a cleaning fee of $35 will be assessed prior to review. We suggest using UPS or FedEx to return your item so the shipment can be tracked.


Let's face it, stuff wears out - but it doesn’t all wear out at the same pace. How do you define the lifetime of an Expedition Suit subjected to the harsh conditions of 8000 meters versus an Eos Jacket that might spend the majority of its life curled up in the top of a pack. We see Feathered Friends bags that have been in the field for decades and are still going strong but we also see the damage that our sponsored athletes can inflict on a down parka in one season. With this in mind we developed a warranty policy that takes into account the difference between casual use and outright abuse. Please note that this policy does not apply to delamination which is discussed below. Feathered Friends defines the lifetime of a product as follows:

1) Like new or lightly used: We reserve the option to replace the item or return it to like new condition

2) Less than 50% lifetime but showing some wear and tear: We will repair any defects not directly attributed to abuse or neglect

3) Beyond 50% lifetime but still going strong: Items showing significant wear and tear may be subject to a reasonable repair fee

4) Totally shot: It can be hard to let go but at some point garments and bags do wear out and need to be replaced. We know it’s difficult to lose a trusted friend and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement.


Feathered Friends pioneered the use of 2-layer laminate fabrics in down sleeping bags and garments in 1975. Since that time, we have remained on the cutting edge of material technology constantly seeking out fabrics with superior performance characteristics for use in our products. 2-layer laminates continue to be an integral part of our line as they often represent an optimal balance between weight, water resistance and breathability. Due to the inherent nature of their construction, certain environmental and physical factors can accelerate the breakdown of the bond between the two layers resulting in delamination. One of the most damaging factors is the accumulation of body oils from sweat. If cleaned properly our laminate products can last for many seasons. Feathered Friends suggests washing laminate shell items on a regular basis to maintain their longevity and improve performance. In addition, a tumble dry on low heat will often restore the DWR (durable water repellent) polymer revitalizing the fabric. If the DWR has reached the end of its life-cycle there are several topical water repellency products available at your local outdoor retailer that can be applied directly to the fabric. We do not recommend using any form of wash in DWR or water repellent for down, use of these products will void all warranty coverage.

Since there are several factors that can contribute to fabric delamination, it is difficult to determine if the result is due to negligence, improper care or an inherent flaw in the fabric. Because of this, we have chosen to limit our warranty coverage based on the age of the item. The following warranty policy applies only to the original owner with proof of purchase:

1) Items less than 5 years old from the date of purchase: Feathered Friends will replace the defective shell with a comparable product, we can not guarantee identical fabric or color.

2) Items 5 to 10 years of age: Feathered Friends will manufacture the product of your choice at a 50% discount from our current published price.

3) Items beyond 10 years of age: Feathered Friends cannot guarantee the longevity of laminate fabrics beyond 10 years and no warranty coverage is provided


Durability is one of the cornerstones of our design philosophy but we also recognize that durability must be balanced against other factors to achieve the weight and performance that our customers demand. It is important to realize that some of the materials we use sacrifice durability, abrasion resistance and tear strength to achieve lighter weight. Please be aware of the inherent limitations and adapt your expectations as to how products constructed with ultra-light fabrics will perform over time to reflect their reduced durability. That said, if you want a jacket to practice self-arrests in all afternoon give us a call and we can build the right product for you.


Cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining any down product (and most other things for that matter). We recommend following the cleaning instructions available on our website and listed on the attached care label. Improper cleaning will void all warranty coverage so please follow the instructions carefully.


Comforters and pillows must be used inside a slipcover or duvet cover to maintain warranty coverage. The accumulation of normal body oils contributes to an accelerated breakdown of both the cotton shell and the down. Feathered Friends recommends washing your comforter or pillow at least once every year or two if used on a regular basis to restore loft and prolong the life of the product. Please follow the detailed cleaning instructions on our website.