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After The Hike
In August of 2020, four queer, femme people of color thru-hiked the Nüümü Poyo, or John Muir Trail. We entered at Lyell Canyon, and exited at Whitney Portal nineteen days later. We left our regular lives in the middle of a global pandemic and in the midst of protests against the killing of Black people by police. We returned in the middle of a global pandemic and amidst protests against the killing of Black people by police. A few months later, we reflect on what this hike meant to us, and what our lives have felt like since.
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The Case for a Sabbatical: A Gap Year for Climbing
2020 has kicked off a "Gap Year" for married Alpinists Jeff and Priti Wright, whose alpine pursuits have until recently been relegated to three weeks of vacation per year.  They spent two years planning and saving for their Sabbatical, and in this article share lessons and steps for planning your own Gap Year. Keep up-to-date via Jeff and Priti's blog: www.alpinevagabonds.com 
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Illimani, Ascendant: A Photographer’s Journey to the Highest Peaks in Bolivia

This summer, photographer and Feathered Friends ambassador Christian Murillo traveled to Bolivia to attempt several of its tallest mountains and photograph its glaciated peaks. This trip report tells the story of his adventures there. Words and images by Christian Murillo.  

As our plane touched down at Bolivia’s El Alto International Airport, I felt my skin tingle. At the time, I wasn’t sure if this was caused by altitude or the strikingly beautiful views of the Cordillera Real mountain range.

After spending a couple weeks in La Paz and taking some short backpacking trips in the mountains, my lungs began to acclimate. Finally, it was time to take on Huayna Potosi, one of the most iconic and popular peaks in Bolivia’s Cordillera Real...


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