Snow Study Kit

Snow Study Kit

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This is a new lightweight compact carrying case from Backcountry Access containing essential tools for studying the snowpack and assessing snow stability and avalanche hazard potential.  The kit includes a Slope Meter for measuring slope angle and aspect, a Polycarbonate Snow Crystal Card for indentifying snow crystals, an Analog Thermometer for measuring snowpack temperature gradients, a 15x Magnifying Loupe with closed sides for wind protection when examining snow crystals, and a 2 meter ECT Cord for cutting through snow when performing extended column tests.  Kits like this are required by many different avalanche safety courses, and are often paired with an AIARE Field Book.


  • Lightweight Compact Carrying Case with Zippered Closure
  • Slope Meter with Integrated Compass
  • Polycarbonate Crystal Care
  • Analog Thermometer
  • 15x Magnifying Loupe
  • ECT Cord


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