PACT Lite Bathroom Kit
PACT Lite Bathroom Kit
PACT Lite Bathroom Kit

PACT Lite Bathroom Kit

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When you are out in the woods with nature calling and you have to go, then reach for the PACT Outdoors Lite Bathroom Kit for everything that you need to get your business done.  This kit features a lightweight ergonomic aluminum shovel with a serrated edge to help cut through roots, forest duff, and soil.  The biodegradable PACT Wipes provided will unfold and expand into 9" towels when a small amount of water is added, and used ones can be dropped into the cat hole that you dig with your shovel.  3 of the PACT Mycelium Tabs that are included are also dropped into the cat hole and help everything break down faster while neutralizing harmful bacteria.  The used wipes help accelerate the growth of mycelium and the breakdown of human waste.  Convenient storage compartments inside of the shovel's handle hold approximately a weeks worth of supplies and help to keep everything nicely compact and lightweight.  Store in a dry location below 100 degrees.  For best results, use PACT Tabs within one year of purchase.  Please pack out all human waste and trash wherever required and/or appropriate.


  • Complete Lightweight Personal Outdoor Bathroom Kit
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Aluminum Shovel with Serrated Edge
  • Storage Compartments Inside of the Shovel's Handle for Supplies
  • 20 PACT Wipes in a Sealable Pouch (≈ 20 bathroom trips)
  • 60 PACT Tabs in a Sealable Pouch (≈ 20 bathroom trips)
  • 8.5" x 1.75"
  • 4 oz (120g)  - (when stocked with ≈ a weeks worth of supplies)