Spirit Express Draw

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One of the most popular quickdraw set-ups of all time for sport climbing and working routes, and yet another industry standard benchmark from Petzl.  Two SPIRIT keylock style no-snag carabiners with a burly ergonomic quickdraw sling in between that is designed to make it easy to grab when needed. A straight gate biner with a textured gate at the gear end for extra grip and ease of clipping and unclipping from harness gear loops and gear, and a bent gate biner on the climbing rope end that helps to cradle the rope and make it easier to clip in the sharp end of the rope. A rubber "STRING" protects the sling from wear, and helps maintain the proper orientation of the carabiner, and stabilizes the carabiner to make it easier to efficiently grab and clip.


  • Carabiners - aluminum, Quickdraw Sling - polyester, STRING - rubber
  • One straight gate carabiner and one bent gate carabiners
  • Keylock-style nose and gate closure to prevent snagging
  • Textured gates to enhance grip
  • H-shaped cross-section for a high strenth/weight ratio
  • Wider rope and anchor contact surfaces
  • 11 cm quickdraw sling with STRING protector
  • 93 g
  • 21 mm straight gate opening, 25 mm bent gate opening
  • 23 kN major axis strength
  • 8 kN minor axis strength
  • 9 kN open gate strength
  • 22 kN sling