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The best value and most intuitive avalanche transceiver available from Mammut.  This unit boasts a "break-proof housing", as well as one of the largest receiving ranges and widest search strip widths. This Barryvox model sticks to the most basic essential features that most people are looking to use in order to keep things simple and straightforward.


  • Digital 3-antenna transceiver
  • Ergonomic and break-proof housing
  • Circular receiving field
  • Display shows distance, direction, and number of burials
  • Audio and Visual search aids
  • Multiple burial signal processing
  • Marking function
  • Reverse direction feature helps avoid 180 degree errors
  • Auto Revert Mode
  • Updatable software
  • Barryvox carrying system included
  • Made in Switzerland


Weight :  210 g
Frequency :  457 kHz
Battery Life :  300 hours in send mode
Search Strip Width :  70 meters
Maximum Range :  70 meters
Batteries :  3 AAA
Dimensions :  115mm x 67mm x 27mm


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