Expedition Down Suit
Expedition Down Suit
Expedition Down Suit
Expedition Down Suit

Expedition Down Suit

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Due to high demand, Feathered Friends down apparel takes approximately two to three weeks to complete. Please view our Shipping information here.

Once we receive your order, we will finish hand-crafting your apparel right here in Seattle!

If you have an urgent deadline, do not hesitate to contact us.

*Expedition Down Suits are made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for build time.*

Made in Seattle, Washington for over 25 years, the Expedition Suit has been the down suit of choice by the world’s foremost mountain athletes and made it to the top of many 8,000m peaks and extensively in the North and South poles. Balancing warmth, weight and durability, the Expedition Suit is built to defend against the earth’s worst conditions.

Great for: 8,000m climbs, polar exploration

Please contact us about any customization inquiries


  • Made in Seattle, USA of imported materials
  • 900+ Fill Goose Down
  • Waterproof, breathable Pertex® Shield® XT
  • Tuck-stitched/baffled construction
  • Dual zipper front entry
  • Drop seat rainbow zipper
  • Adjustable internal suspender system
  • Leg zips
  • Two internal water bottle pockets
  • Reinforced knees, seat, shoulders and sleeves
  • Articulated arms
  • Napoleon style zippered pockets
  • Two insulated chest cargo pockets 
  • Fully adjustable hood
  • D-ring mitt clips
  • Velcro adjustable cuff

Additional Info

Garment Fit
Men's Cut, Customizable
Garment Type Expedition Down Suit
Pertex® Shield® XT (waterproof, breathable)
Fill Power 900+ Goose Down
Origin Made in Seattle, USA and of imported materials
Fill Weight 1 lb 12 oz / 794 g (size Medium)
Average Weight 4 lb 3 oz / 1899 g (size Medium)
Packed Size 23L


Expedition Garments

Feathered Friends Expedition Garments are designed for the coldest cold. This is your outer-most layer and they are designed to accommodate underlayers.

To Measure


With your arms slightly bent measure from the center of the back of your neck, along the length of your arm, to your wrist


Measure around your chest holding the measuring tape under your armpit


Measure around your waist at the narrowest part


While standing, measure from the inside of your leg from crotch to ankle



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Canada Canada

Expedition Down Suit

Feathered Friends builds quality products.I haven’t worn it yet as it was July when delivered.I could see it being warm at -50 F.

Hannah T.
United States United States

Expedition down suit

Amazing, suit is well designed and true to size.


Trailer Park King

Bought this for my Elk & mule deer trip this Fall (2022). I live in Florida, and my body has gotten used to 80-90 degrees weather each day. I wanted to make sure when I was glassing for elk this Fall, for hours on end, that I could pull my expedition down suit out of my Stone Glacier Sky 5900 pack and not get cold. This suit will be an oven to cook old Cornbread! And if it gets really cold at night, I can even pull it out for sleeping. Im impressed with the amount of down in this suit. Before it arrived, I was worried that I had bought too big of a suit, the XXL, (I'm 6'2", 67 yrs old, and weigh 215lbs), but as it turned out, the fit was perfect. This should literally be an oven, oven below zero. I'll be walking in, not with the suit on, and just put it on once I get cold and have burned off the sweat. It's really light. If I had any advice, with this expedition suit, order one size bigger, even accommodating for light extra clothes. Quality looks very good, but time will tell. This was expensive, but wow, well worth the expense.

Mr C.

Didn't **** in my suit

Chucks review sounds like he loves the suit but he accidentally **** in his suit. Putting some extra stars here to balance out his **** problems


Think Twice Before Buying

I used this suit to summit Everest. While it's extremely well constructed and very warm there's some very significant design issues that really indicate the suit wasn't thought through nearly enough. First the good- It's great down, really warm and pretty well sized. You put this on and you're so warm pretty much whatever you have on underneath is just kind of there for fun. -30, -40C? Whatever, lol. Unless the wind get so strong it knocks you around you just keep on trucking. All the insulation on your core and arms also means your hands and feet stay far warmer too. I'm 6'2" around 180-205 lbs throughout my climb (that's Everest for you) and found a large to be decent. The hood is very roomy and very well insulated- I had no problem putting it over my fairly large head with climbing helmet. The hood also comes fairly far out, giving really significant wind protection- you could turn your head just slightly when climbing and block most icy gusts while still being able to look ahead on your route. The suspender design works very well, making it easy to put on in the dark in your sleeping bag, and also easy to take off the top half when it gets hot without losing the rest of the suit. The sleeves have clips on them so you can secure them together with a carabiner when they're off. The just OK- The zipper takes a good bit of reaching to pull out to do your ****** functions. The suit also doesn't, uh, part that much in the rear. While I'm sure I could probably accomplish a dump while doing my darndest to hold both sides as far open as I could, I really wouldn't be so sure I could accomplish it without...uh...the need for later dry-cleaning. I'm not thrilled with it but I recognize their could be some loss of warmth created with redesigned zippers and you'd intended to take a dump in this only in real emergencies. Now the bad- For one, the suit lacks a drawn-in waist portion. If you look at a number of different down suits, you'll see there's typically special panels around the waist that bring the suit in. This feature is very important as it allows a waist harness to easily sit above your hips. Without this, it becomes much more difficult to secure a climbing harness. If you get this, you have to pull much, much harder on your harness to compress the down so that you get a secure fit. Even then, on at least two occasions I felt the harness start to gradually slide down after several hours of climbing when I thought it was well secured. Second, it's pockets. There are no side pockets on the outside, which is a bit of a let-down, but I can respect as a design decision to maximize warmth. The front outer pockets are what's really poor though. They're relatively roomy and can accommodate pretty substantial amounts of food. The description claims they're insulated, though I'll say that it's relatively little insulation compared to the rest of the suit. BUT they have VELCRO flaps on the front. What's wrong with Velcro flaps you ask? Well, guess what, when you get hot and take off your sleeves pretty much EVERYTHING INEVITABLY FALLS OUT OF YOUR FRONT POCKETS! It's not obvious that will happen and it doesn't happen immediately but even just a few tubes of chap stick and some goos will have enough weight that they'll open up the velcro in a half hour or so of climbing. So then you're out on the mountain and your guide turns to you to say you're dropping something and then you look like a complete idiot as your stuff goes rolling down the mountain. So this means that either you store nothing in the velcroed front pockets, which means you have to reach into your suit for everything as there are no other front pockets, never take of your top, which means you slowly cook in the sun or you have to transfer everything in your front pockets inside when you need to vent and take off the sleeves. Oh right, and as the large internal water bottle pockets have no means of being secured either, you've now got to figure out what to do with those. The end result is that taking off the top now becomes an extensive task that pretty much requires you to stop, take off your pack (which probably also has an oxygen bottle in it and a hose connected to your face mask that has to be carefully managed), remove the contents of your pockets, place the water bottle(s) in your pack, then put the other contents of your suit pockets into the pockets of your closer layers. Oh, and as you now have on both a harness and a bulky suit top around your waist and hips, the hip pockets on your inside layers are almost inaccessible, as are all your pants pockets you'd normally stash stuff in when a harness is covering your other pockets- better hope you've got a big chest pocket to shove all the contents that won't fit in the small zippered suit pockets! Feathered Friends really needs to go back to the drawing board on this and make a few tweaks in a redesign. Zippered outer pockets is a no-brainer as is something that draws in the waist. Tweaks to the