Abalakov V-Threader

Abalakov V-Threader

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Simple custom tool for making V-thread anchors for ice climbing.  Burly stiff metal cable with a sharp sculpted hook at one end for pulling cord through Abalakov ice anchors, and an eye at the other end for clipping the v-thread tool off on your harness with a carabiner.  A protective hood slides over the hook end to keep things from snagging when not in use. Typically used in conjunction with a 21 cm ice screw and 7mm nylon cord to make Abalokov V-Thread anchors in the ice for rappelling ice climbing routes.


  • V-Thread Tool for use in making temporary anchors in solid ice
  • Burly Stiff Metal Cable
  • Carabiner Clip-Off Eye at one end
  • Sharp Sculpted Hood at opposite end
  • Protective Hood Covers Hook End when not in use to prevent snagging
  • Used for Abalakov V-Thread, A-Thread, and 0-Thread Anchors
  • 12.5 inches in length
  • 1 oz (28 g)
  • Assorted Colors