Akto / Enan Footprint
Akto / Enan Footprint

Akto / Enan Footprint

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Custom sized footprint for the Hilleberg Akto and Enan tents.  This tough groundsheet covers the entire area of the tent and rainfly vestibule.  It can attach directly to the tent, and be left connected during set up if desired. A good footprint helps to protect your tent floor from things like abrasions, tree sap, and punctures, and also keeps your tent cleaner to prolong it's life.  It's a lot easier to clean a footprint than it is to clean your tent.  It's also a lot less expensive to buy a new footprint than it is to buy a new tent if you trash it.

(The "phantom see-through tent" image shown above depicts the footprint as the black area with the light gray border around the perimeter outlining it's size and shape. Tent not included.) Click here for an image of the Akto Tent.

9 oz (255 g)