Backcountry Skiing: Washington&

Backcountry Skiing: Washington's East Side, Stevens to Snoqualmie

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Commonly referred to as “The East Side,” this expanse of skiable terrain is a mecca for those seeking a drier, colder snowpack and greater exploration. From the north side of Steven’s Pass south to I-90 and stretching east to Mission Ridge, this region offers over 300 tours accessible via ski area side-country, roadside pullouts and long snowmobile approaches. The locations showcased in this atlas offer the entire spectrum of terrain and difficulty and with a greater likelihood of “persistent slabs,” the East Side should be approached with even greater experience, education, and humility. 

In this photographic ski atlas, professional ski guide and author Matt Schonwold offers the essentials you need to plan your tour while encouraging discovery and self-responsibility. You’ll find high-quality aerial photos marked with ascent and descent indicators, slope angles, aspect, Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale ratings, parking and trailhead information, resort boundaries and more in this lightweight and compact book that can fit in your packEvery single page and detail are highly curated and reviewed to provide a quality, reliable decision-making tool. 

Designed to go along with you on your tours and accompany the Backcountry Skiing Washington’s East Side Ski App (Launching soon – join our newsletter to stay tuned!). 

This 5.5” x 8.5” spiral-bound book covers the following zones: Grace, Gemini, Highland, Skyline, Moonlight Bowl, Tye, Yodelin, Lichtenberg, Valhalla, Union + Jove, Lanham + Jimhill, Arrowhead, Rock Mountain, Howard + Mastiff, Swath, Big Chiwaukum, Big Jim, Cashmere, Sick Day, Victoria, Red Rocket Rib, Eightmile, Cannon Mountain, Colchuck Lake, Argonaut + Sherpa + Stewart, Enchantment Lakes, Mission Ridge, Blewett Pass, Tronsen Meadows, Windy Knob, Diamond Head, Bean Basin, Iron Peak, Koppen, Longsaway Peak, Esmeralda, High Ingalls, Ingalls Creek, Salmon La Sac, Red Mountain, Van Epps, Fortune Peak