Chainsen Light

Chainsen Light

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This is the lightweight version of the Chainsen series traction systems, and uses a thinner elastomer in the harness and a thinner gauge for the chains and the spikes.  These types of pull-on traction spikes provide lots of extra traction on snow-packed hiking trails, are great for many different types of outings, and will fit on many different types of outdoor footwear. They go off and on in mere seconds, as the elastomer harness simply stretches up and over the toe and heel of your footwear and your are ready to roll.  A must have for any 4-season hiker.  This style model does not have points in front of the toes and the spikes are also much shorter than then points found on mountaineering crampons.  This allows for a longer and most natural stride, which makes them the most comfortable and functional choice for extra traction for covering long distances quickly and efficiently when hiking on snow-packed trails.  While people use these for a variety of outdoor activities and adventures, traction spikes of this nature are not appropriate for technical climbing and mountaineering, so please refer to our crampon page or call our Seattle Mountaineering Store @ 206-292-2210 for help with choosing the appropriate system for you.

Sizing for Lightweight Boots:

     Medium fits U.S. sizes 4.5 - 7.5 (EU sizes 36 - 40)

     Large fits U.S. sizes 7.5 - 10.5 (EU sizes 40 - 44)

     X-Large fits U.S. sizes 10.5 - 13.5 (EU sizes 44 - 48)

Sizing for Insulated Boots:

     Medium fits U.S. sizes 3.5 - 6.5 (EU sizes 35 - 39)

     Large fits U.S. sizes 6.5 - 10 (EU sizes 39 - 43)

     X-Large fits U.S. sizes 10 - 13 (EU sizes 43 - 47)


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