Ice Axe Protector
Ice Axe Protector
Ice Axe Protector
Blue Ice

Ice Axe Protector

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Lightweight and compact protectors for your ice axe from Blue Ice. Protect your axe, your tool picks, and yourself and your partners from damage on the approach. Help protect your clothes, packs, and your car upholstery from holes and damage that can be caused by the unprotected sharp pointy bits during transport and storage.

Pick and Adze protector comes with protective covers for the pick and adze of most axes and tools, connected with an adjustable elastic cord with toggle for proper sizing and retention.

Spike and pick protectors also include an adjustable elastic cord with toggle for security and retention.

Pick and Adze Protecter weighs 21g

Spike Protector weighs 9g

Pick Protector weighs 10g