8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

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Mammut's triple certified ultra lightweight lead climbing rope that can be used for either Singe Rope, Half Rope, or Twin Rope techniques for the ultimate in high performance versatility.  Choose this rope for mountaineering, glacier travel, light and fast alpine climbing, ice climbing, and the highest level sport crag climbing.  The added DRY treatment resists moisture in wet conditions to help maintain the ropes optimal dynamic performance, and also increases the life of the rope.  This rope achieves the much desired balance of high performance, lightweight, and compactness that light and fast alpinists need in a versatile ultralight climbing rope that can do it all.  Mammut is one of the oldest climbing rope manufacturer's in the world, has created a lot of modern rope technology, and Mammut ropes are world-renown for their amazing feel and rope handling characteristics.  There's nothing quite like a Mammut rope.  Premium quality.

  • Triple Certified Single, Half, and Twin Rope all-in-one
  • 100% Polyamide
  • DRY Treatment
  • UIAA Water Repellent
  • Center Mark
  • Packaged Tangle Free and Ready To Climb


  • Single Rope, Half Rope, and Twin Rope
  • Diameter: 8.7 mm
  • Length: 50m or 60m
  • UIAA Falls as Single Rope (one rope with 80 kg): 5
  • UIAA Falls as Half Rope (one rope with 55 kg): >18
  • Impact Forces: 8.5 kN (Single) / 6.3 kN (Half) / 9.5 kN (Twin)
  • Sheath Proportion: 36%
  • Weight: 51 g/m
  • Static Elongation Half Rope: 8.8%
  • Static Elongation Single Rope: 7.5%
  • Stretch on First Fall: 31.6%
  • UIAA Dry Test: 1.5%
  • Center Mark