Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

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This is the snowshoe of choice for many mountaineers because of it's major increase in traction and security over and above more basic models when ascending the increasingly firmer, steeper, and more surface-crusted snow conditions that can often be encountered on mountaineering adventures. Traction in this model is maximized by the utilizing the entire aluminum frame of the snowshoe like a giant "cookie cutter" with strategically placed serrated teeth.  Two additional "toothed" sections run perpendicular across the bottom of the snowshoe directly underfoot for further increased grip while both ascending and descending.  Steel crampon-like points under the toe of the boot provide extra purchase up front when it's needed.  The new Paragon™ Binding uses a unique mesh yoke strap over the top of the foot designed to wrap securely around your boots without pressure points for increased comfort.  The binding is quick and easy to put on and off, even with warm bulky winter mittens on.  The connection of the binding to the snowshoe deck pivots freely as you stride, but is extremely torsionally rigid side-to-side. This rigidity combined with the full-width traction of the snowshoe frame give the shoe superior performance when traversing across a slope by helping to keep your foot from twisting off of the edge of the deck and remain solidly on top while allowing the side edge of the shoe to bite in to the slope.  Additional Ergo™ Televator heel lifts can be deployed to lift your heel up off of the deck of the snowshoe to relieve the strain off of your calve muscles when ascending uphill as the snow gets firmer and steeper.  Due to the flexible TPU coated nylon ballistic grade deck material, these snowshoes are also much quieter on the trail than models like the MSR Evo and Revo.  While most people will be happiest and most comfortable using snowshoes that are no longer than 20-25 inches for the vast majority of outings, MSR does also make optional Modular Tails that can be added to this model for extra flotation if desired.  Mountaineering boots or sturdy leather backpacking boots are often the preferred choice of footwear for this style of snowshoe.  These snowshoes climb firm snow so well that it is easy to put yourself in situations where you may be finding yourself wanting an ice axe in your hand and could be considering putting mountaineering crampons on your feet instead. The right tool for the right job.


  • Ballistic Grade TPU Coated Nylon Decking
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Frame
  • Steel Traction Crampon Under Foot
  • Unique Paragon™ Binding System
  • Ergo™ Televator Heel Lifts
  • Optional Modular 5" Tails for Extra Flotation Available Separately
  • Designed for footwear sizes 6 - 14 U.S. (Euro 39-48)
  • 25" in Length (64 cm)
  • 8" in Width (20 cm)
  • 4 lbs 5 oz (1.95 kg)
  • Made In The USA of US and Imported Parts


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