Snoqualmie Pass Topographic Ski Map

Snoqualmie Pass Topographic Ski Map

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The Washington Cascades are home to old growth powderfields, impossibly steep couloirs, 3,000 to 5,000 foot descents and a history steeped in exploration. This map embraces it all with 130 routes, stunning cartography, professionally crafted and reviewed avalanche information. This waterproof, tear-proof map is designed to join you on your tour. It shows runs, skintracks, slope angles, ATES rating, parking, trailheads and more.

Zones Covered:

  • Granite Humpback
  • Source Lake
  • Snow Lake
  • Snoqualmie Mountain
  • Commonwealth
  • Gold Creek
  • I-90 West
  • Multi-Day Traverses
  • Mt. Daniels
  • Big Snow Mountain