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Penguin Double Bag

Feathered Friends Double Bags

When we started making down gear in 1972, Feathered Friends was a small operation run out of our founders’ basement. Each bag was a design adventure, from exploring baffle techniques to fabric choices and shape. The founders also had complete freedom to create what they wanted, from specialized alpine gear to versatile bags that could support a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. It was from this pursuit of versatility that the Feathered Friends double bags developed.

At their inception, the doubles started as simple wide full zip sleeping bags that were favored by one person looking for extra comfort and space (or by the occasional two if half the party didn’t mind having a hood on their side of the bed). The next step was to make a groundsheet for the bag, and then to add a second draft tube to both sides of the zipper, so everyone stayed warm regardless of which side of the bag they got.

As more and more people started using the bags primarily for two, the founders decided it was time to revisit the design and optimize it for versatility. The result are bags that have an optional and removeable hood and groundsheet, so they can be used comfortably by one or two people. This design is alive and well in our very popular double bags the Penguin and the Condor.

The Penguin is a semi-rectangular bag and one of our best sellers. It has been on adventures big and small, keeping people warm in tents, vans, campers, and under the stars. Of the double bags, the Penguin is the lightest weight but still very warm, so it not only works for backpacking trips but is also at home in cabins or campers. The condor is similar, but features a full rectangular shape. With the optional groundsheet and hoods, you can build your ideal sleep system with exactly the features you need.

The last double bag, and the most specialized, is the Spoonbill. Created 5 years ago in collaboration with climbers, the Spoonbill was made from the beginning for two to share on big wall climbs where space is limited and sharing body heat important. What makes the Spoonbill unique is not only the shape, but also the two hoods that are separate and cinch fully so each sleeper can be as warm as possible. Often, climbers will cut two closed cell foam pads and insert them directly into the bag for light padding.

Check out our video to see how the whole sleep system works!

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